Why transform technical assistance?

Substantial investment is being directed towards making aid for health more effective. Technical assistance continues to be a preferred aid tool for donors, accounting for a significant proportion of aid flow. Increasingly, it is also being provided on a voluntary basis by professionals from national health services and diaspora organisations; many of whom are new to working in this context. When it is delivered well, technical assistance builds local ownership and capacity to sustainably deliver improved health outcomes. However, not all TA is effectively designed and delivered. Whilst this is widely recognised, there are few capacity development opportunities to develop skills and knowledge of best practice in technical assistance. Increasingly, donors are demanding a more rigorous approach to monitoring and evaluating sustainable impact. In this complex and challenging environment we have the experience to help you avoid common pitfalls, through enabling your institution to:

  • Promote local ownership and engagement
  • Understand key issues in international health
  • Develop solutions appropriate to the cultural and institutional context
  • Constructively critique TA aims, objectives and approaches
  • Use a health systems approach
  • Build non-technical skills (eg communication, listening, facilitation)
  • Demonstrate value for money

What we offer?

  • Develop and deliver courses on commissioning, management and delivery of TA
  • Facilitate the development of your strategy
  • Provide bespoke support to strengthen your capacity to deliver TA
  • Design quality assurance into TA programmes
  • Evaluate international health technical assistance programmes

We offer services to Ministries of Health, academic institutions, consultancy companies, donor organisations, NGOs, hospitals and health links.

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