Supporting the Planning Process for HIV Counselling and Testing, Namibia

Client: CDC Namibia & National HCT Programme
Timing: 2013
Location: Nambia

Recent milestones in Namibia make 2013 a pivotal time for HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) including the release of new HCT guidelines and Namibia’s declaration as an upper middle-income country which means transitioning to a 90% government funded programme by 2015.  In response the government is evaluating its service delivery and developing a strategic and operational plan for HCT that will transition funding, coordinate the national response and set a roadmap for HCT to achieve the vision set out in their national strategy.  Vicki Doyle (CDI) with Miriam Taegtmeyer (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) provided technical assistance to support the development of a draft strategic & operational plan for HCT that evaluated and built on current HCT programmatic efforts and built consensus and ownership amongst stakeholders for a realistic, data-driven plan.

Drs Doyle and Taegtmeyer with CDC Namibia and National HCT Programme staff, co-facilitated a 4-day workshop with a range of stakeholders representing international, national, sub-national and community levels, to initiate the strategic and operational planning process.  A bottom-up approach was used to ensure that the experience and reality of the regions was reflected.  Participatory facilitation methods were used to analyse the current situation and identify emerging themes and priorities.  The results of this process have produced a set of key priorities, objectives and activities with strong ownership and buy-in to the process.  The HCT National Strategic and Operational Plan is due to be completed and launched before the end of 2013.

Consultants: Vicki Doyle
Methods used: participatory workshop

quote openThanks to your superb leadership and facilitation the stakeholders meeting was excellent and major steps have been made towards addressing most pertinent challenges in rolling out quality and relevant HIV Counselling & Testing in Namibia. It was one of the best strategy meetings I have attended. -quote closeUNICEF, Namibia 


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