European ESTHER Alliance (EEA) Study

Client: European ESTHER Alliance
Timing: Feb – May 2013
Location: Desk Based Study

Capacity Development International were contracted by the European ESTHER Alliance (EEA) to evaluate their Alliance and its members health partnership work which spans across 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Central and South America, Central and South-East Asia.

The EEA is a network of governments and their institutions and organisations that mobilises health expertise and particularly hospital partnerships to contribute to the global health agenda in middle and low-income countries.

The  study evaluated the ESTHER initiative, at both European level and country implementation level, capturing both the achievements and challenges faced by the EEA since its inception and looking towards the future in how best the EEA can position itself with the development cooperation landscape.

The evaluation found that the ESTHER initiative is well aligned with current thinking in development cooperation for health and has a value both in the current landscape and in the post MDG agenda.  The ESTHER initiative:

  • Is addressing the HRH crisis
  • Uses partnership and capacity development approaches recognised as best practice.
  • Needs to better demonstrate its potential to strengthen health systems.
  • Has the potential to generate knowledge in how to stimulate, sustain and evaluate quality partnerships.

The work was presented at a meeting of the European ESTHER Alliance hosted by Norad in Oslo and opened by Ms Bente Angell-Hansen, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway who stressed the need for sustainable approaches to tackling the HRH crisis and the relevance of the ESTHER model for partnership working  as opposed to more traditional forms of development cooperation.  She reiterated the findings of CDI’s report to further develop the evidence base for partnership working in global health.

The Background Note CDI developed on the Development Cooperational Landscape and the European ESTHER Alliance is now available.  Click on the PDF document to the right.

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