Postgraduate Certificate Course in International Health Consultancy

Client: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Timing: 3 week course run annually since 2008
Location: UK 

Dr Vicki Doyle and Ema Kelly have developed and delivered the unique Postgraduate Certificate Course in International Health Consultancy since its creation in 2008.  The course lasts for three weeks and is highly intensive.  It aims to mirror the reality of working as an international health consultant with a focus on both individual and team working.  The course examines the context in which international health consultancy is delivered.

Application and adaptation of research methods (qualitative and quantitative) to consultancy, form an integral part of this course and the aim is to provide participants with a framework for adopting a robust, evidence-based approach to consultancy grounded in the reality of resource-constrained settings.  The course helps to develop the core competencies and skills required, to be a successful international health consultant with an emphasis on strengthening critical analysis, synthesis and communication skills (both written and oral).

The course also covers the business side of international health consultancy ranging from preparation of proposals for short term technical assistance through to selection of consultants and quality assurance of specific assignments.  Within this framework the course also covers the importance of the CV as a key tool to present consultant’s skills and experience.

An exciting aspect of this course is that participants work in multi-disciplinary teams to apply their skills and learning through undertaking a consultancy assignment within the Merseyside area.  This consists of planning the assignment, face to face meetings with clients and other stakeholders, data collection, analysis and interpretation, report writing and presentation of findings to outside agencies.  This forms part of the formal course assessment and is critically evaluated.

The course has been run every year since 2008 by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine  and has had excellent evaluation both from participants and also from external examiners.

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