Evaluating the International Health Links Funding Scheme

Client: THET
Timing: 2012
Location: Malawi, Uganda and Zambia 

Capacity Development International was contracted to evaluate the DFID-funded International Health Links Funding Scheme from the perspective of partners in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. The International Health Links Funding Scheme (IHLFS) is a three-year programme funded by the UK Department for International Development supporting health links between health institutions in developing countries and the UK. The evaluation was not a formal assessment of impact, rather it served to identify challenges, successes and potential barriers that health links face.

Our findings show that overall the developing country partners saw real value in being part of the IHLFS scheme and recognised capacity development benefits at both an individual as well as institutional level. There was significant agreement amongst informants that trust, equal partnership, ownership, common interest and openness were crucial to effective links. UK personnel with the ability to adapt materials, methods and expectations based on the institutional, cultural and economic context were highly valued by the developing country partners. Some projects reported impressive change on the basis of relatively small amounts of funding. Our report highlights that the projects were not primarily designed to influence the wider health system but provides recommendations as to how such link projects could influence best practice within the health system.

Full report is available from the THET website.

Consultants: Vicki Doyle and Ema Kelly
Methods used: participatory workshops, semi-structured interviews, electronic survey, document review.


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